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Why do you need a new strategy or a strategy at all? Exactly where does your shoe pinch? Is your entire business model under review or is it a specific issue or challenge that needs a solution? Do you require a survival plan for tomorow, are you planning a long term change of course, or do you need both? How certain is your entrepreneurial future, how prepared are to follow entirely new entrepreneurial directions?

We offer solutions for a range of strategic settings that we will tailor exactly to your needs:

  • Strategic Health-Check
  • Start-ups
  • Market Entry Management (worldwide)
  • Concept development, e.g. growth strategies, cost or process optimizations, HR strategies, product development
  • New orientation or re-positioning of business units or entire companies

We believe strategy development in its core is always about answering four key questions:

  1. Whats your current position?
  2. Where do you want to get to?
  3. How big is the 'gap'?
  4. What does the path to bridge the gap look like?

If you have satisfactory answers to these questions, you don‘t need a strategy consultant.  If not, however, we can...

  • support your strategy team with a range of diagnostic instruments
  • provide specific research where needed and meaningful
  • offer tried and tested creativity techniques and change tools
  • provide a rich reservoir of ideas and approaches of classical or entrepreneurial (effectuation) nature.

Independent of the uncertainty of your entrepreneurial environment, we can develop a strategy solution with you and for you, one that addresses your needs, is based on your resources, and is designed to assure sustainable success.